The Mother Swan is a minor character from Disney's 75th and final Silly Symphonies short film, The Ugly Duckling.

Role in the Film

Appearing towards the film's end, she and her children are out for a swim when they overhear someone crying nearby. The sound leads them to a lone little cygnet who mistakenly believed himself to be a duckling due to being hatched in a duck's nest. Because he was so different from their other ducklings, the ducks had cast him out of their family and his failure to find acceptance anywhere else because of his "ugliness" had crushed his hope of ever being loved. After her cygnets introduce themselves and convince him to come and play, she invites the Ugly Duckling to go with them but his fear of further rejection makes him hesitant to even approach her. Not to be deterred, the Mother Swan pulls him close despite his initial resistance and lovingly embraces him to prove that she doesn't consider him ugly at all. As the film ends, she is last seen leading him and her other cygnets home. It was never specified in the film if she was his real mother who somehow lost the egg or an adoptive mother.