"Mother Goose Village and Lemonade" is a song in Babes in Toyland


Down in the square, in the mother goose village square,
people gather when there’s excitement in the air.
So how they run, for they always have lots of fun,
in exchanging bits of gossip and the news of everyone.
Come join the crowd, you’ll be happy and mighty proud.
To be welcome where so few outsiders ever are allowed,
you’ll mingle with the people, you’ll meet everyone there,
down at the village square.
Here comes Bo-Peep, who is never without her sheep.
There’ Jack and Jill, who have tumbled down the hill.
Come and meet the people, and see what’s in the air,
down at the village square. Jack be nibble,
Jack be quick, do your trick with the candlestick.
Simple Simon meet a Pie Man going the fair, show us,
Simon, what the pie man demonstrated there.
Lemonade, let’s have a lemonade.
Fill your cup and join us in the grand parade.
Be aware tomorrow's big affair is
the wedding in the garden glade.
Good neighbors, we’ll see man and wife
to be dancing with each other contentedly.
To youth and love, may neither fade,
to Tom and Mary drink a lemonade.
Lemonade, let’s have a lemonade.
Here’s to all the bright and lovely plans they’ve made.
Drink to life, their long and happy life,
while they face the future unafraid.
Good neighbors, here see the groom the bride to be,
beaming at each other oh so trustingly.
May all their dreams come true and never fade.
To youth and love, may neither fade,
to Tom and Mary drink a lemonade.


  • The music to Mother Goose Village is based on the Country Dance that opens act 1 in the original operetta and the music to the Lemonade song is based on a piece from Military Ball.
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