The Mother Duck is a supporting character of Disney's 75th and final Silly Symphonies short film, The Ugly Duckling.

Role in the Film

In the film's beginning, she and her mate were anxiously awaiting the hatching of their eggs from which four beautiful baby ducks were born. Although initially overjoyed, their mood changed to shock when the final (and noticeably larger) egg hatched to reveal a loud and highly abnormal looking duckling. The birth of the Ugly Duckling provoked a fight between the two of them regarding why he was so different with both parents blaming the other for how he turned out so wrong.

As they go their separate ways, the Mother Duck took the four normal ducklings with her down to the pond but left the ugly one behind, not wanting anything more to do with him. To her chagrin, she soon realized that he followed after them and even had the gall to ride on her back as if he was one of her own. Even after throwing him overboard, the Ugly Duckling continued to chase after her until the Mother Duck's patience finally reaches its limit and losing her temper, she furiously snapped at him to go away and never come near her again. She then took her ducklings and abandoned him to his fate without a second thought.

Later, the Mother Duck and her young were surprised to see the Ugly Duckling swimming alongside a beautiful Swan and her cygnets; the latter of whom look exactly like him. As she realized what he is and what he has the potential to become, the Mother Duck invited him to come back to them, but the Little Swan recognized the reason for her change of heart, and turned his back on her as he proudly swam off with the other Swans.