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Mortis is Connor Penn's secret identity, looking and acting like a Dragon Priest. Why, in episode 1 & 2, Connor chose to become Mortis for the time being is up for debate. Some reasons why include the following: He had amnesia; he had to force Beau to choose the Dragon Booster; he had to leave his son, Artha Penn, to develop some responsibility on his own, but keep an eye on him at the same time; and, he was hiding from Word Paynn/Drakkus.

Where the name Mortis came from, viewers can only speculate. Most agree that it was probably the name of one of Connor's closest teachers among the Dragon Priests. His suit is the same worn by the Dragon Priests: Turquoise and red/orange with a purple staff that has the star insignia in the top.

Mortis showed up in The Choosing, part 2 and was in almost every episode up until The Return of Drakkus, part 2, when he was revealed as Connor Penn.