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Moordryd is the 16 year old nemesis of Artha Penn. He has trouble finding glory in anyone's eyes, this being because he's generally the bad guy. It's probable that this contributes to his bad temper and drives him on to do worse things to teach people a lesson.

In episode 11, "Pride of the Hero", it is shown that all he really is is a guy who needs admiration and someone who will look for the best in him until they find it, like Lance Penn did in episode 19, "The Wraith Booster". That's when Moordryd really starts to change. Before then, he was a stereotypical bad guy. But, after that episode, you can see a change in him, almost like he has begun to see exactly what will get him to admiration, and what will make him the hero. It gives whole new depth to him, and makes you able to empathize a bit more (surely we have all had a time when we wanted to be admired, or were jealous of someone?).

Over the course of the last season or so, Moordryd has changed, to become close to being a good guy, but still doing bad things, at least as the Shadow Booster. While the injury he gave Artha in in the beginning of the last episode aired, "Damaged Goods", showed that he hadn't completely turned, the last few minutes of the same episode showed that he was well on his way to becoming a good guy when he saved Artha from the wraith dragons and let him tie the standings.