"Moochie of the Little League" is a 1959 television episode produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally broadcast on ABC as a two-part episode on Walt Disney Presents on October 2, and October 9, 1959. It was directed by William Beaudine.


In the first part, entitled "A Diamond is a Boy's Best Friend", Moochie Morgan tries to make up for being "Small Fry" by putting his whole heart into catching for his Little League Team. He even finds a new field for his league when the old one's destroyed. He also ropes his best friend's dad into the league. But when Moochie might make the All Star team, the family's vacation plans might be ruined.


  • Kevin Corcoran – Moochie Morgan
  • Reginald Owen – J. Cecil Bennett
  • Alan Hale Jr. – Fred Preston
  • Frances Rafferty – Louise Morgan
  • Stuart Erwin – Lou Rosson
  • James Brown – Andy Clinton
  • Dorothy Green – Charlotte
  • Russ Conway – Monty Morgan
  • Lee Aaker – Chuck Taylor
  • Paul Bryar – Pete Dixon
  • Annette Gorman – B.B. Preston