"Moochie of Pop Warner Football" is a 1960 television episode produced by Walt Disney Productions. It was originally broadcast on ABC as a two-part episode on Walt Disney Presents on November 20, and November 27, 1960. It was directed by William Beaudine. It is a sequel of sorts for "Moochie of the Little League".


In the first part, entitled "Pee Wee Versus City Hall", Moochie Morgan tries to gain some weight so he can join the Pop Warner Football League. However, he is too small for the team and his father and a neighbor of theirs decide to fix that. In the second part, "From Ticonderoga to Disneyland", the new team goes to the Disneyland Bowl, where they get a visit to the park itself.


  • Kevin Corcoran – Moochie Morgan
  • Dennis Joel – Hilliard
  • Reginald Owen – J. Cecil Bennett
  • Alan Hale Jr. – Fred Preston
  • Frances Rafferty – Louise Morgan
  • Lumsden Hare – Croaker
  • Russ Conway – Monty Morgan
  • Annette Gorman – B.B. Preston
  • Norman Varden – Miss Devon
  • Harry O. Tyler – Mr. Green