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Monsters Inc. comic story
"Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory"
MonstersInc LaughFactory TPB

The cover to the trade paperback.

Written by: Paul Benjamin
Illustrated by: Amy Mebberson
Date: 2009

Monsters, Inc.: Laugh Factory is a four-issue comic book miniseries set after Monsters, Inc. that was published by Boom! Studios in 2009. It was written by Paul Benjamin with art by Amy Mebberson.


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Monster Fink (Issue #1)

The issue begins with Sulley looking at a new advertisement for the company and it's new laugh energy initiatives and Mike hitting the top of the day's Top Scarers list. George accuses him of stealing props from other monsters, including himself, in order to get a high score. Mike denies any involvement in thievery and asks Sulley about a raise and maybe coming to dinner with him and Celia that night, but Sulley has been worn down by paperwork. Thinking of a way to cheer Sulley up, Mike brings Boo back into the Monster World and asks Sulley to meet him in the locker room. After a quick reunion, Mike's locker door is opened and props belonging to other monsters spill out. Boo nearly overloads the system from laughter and Sulley gets suspicious of Mike and while Mike takes Boo back to the door, Sulley makes a call to the CDA. Mike is arrested, which Sulley didn't intend, having only wanted an investigation into the matter. Earning Celia's anger, Sulley looks into the security footage of the locker rooms and finds signs that Randall has returned and framed Mike. Randall then comes in and attacks Waxman, who's manning the cams, and plans to pin assault charges on Sulley. Sulley and Randall fight through the building and make their way to the Laugh Floor. In order to expose Randall, Sulley pulls the fire alarm and the water makes him visible. Randall is arrested and Mike is set free. Sulley apologizes for what happens, though Mike thinks Sulley did it just to lure Randall out and the issue concludes with another visit to Boo.


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