Mona Marshall is an American voice actress and writer. She is most well known for voicing many of the female characters (e.g. Sheila Broflovski, Linda Stotch, etc.) on Comedy Central's landmark animated series South Park, replacing the late Mary Kay Bergman after she died after the show's first three years. She is best known voicing as Izzy Izumi in Digimon Adventure series and Terriermon in Digimon Tamers.

Her Disney roles include Aquata in The Little Mermaid series, the additional voices in Wreck-It Ralph, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, Tangled, The Princess and the Frog, Get A Horse!, Frozen, the English dubs of Studio Ghibli films (such as Ponyo, The Cat Returns, and Spirited Away) The Wild, Chicken Little, Monsters, Inc., Inside Out, The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Emmet in Monsters University, Matilda in Dumbo's Circus, and Alien Mother in Treasure Planet.

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