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"Mom and Dad on Deck" is the sixteenth episode of The Suite Life on Deck.


Zack and Cody plan to have an all-guys weekend with their father, but a surprise visit from their mother ruins their plans. When Kurt and Carey get a show on the ship, Mr. Moseby says they can stay on board permanently if it is a success, but worried their parents will stay on the ship, the twins hatch a plan to sabotage their parents' show. Meanwhile, London tries to find the perfect belated birthday gift for Mr. Moseby by following him around all day. In the end, London makes Mr. Moseby very happy that he got a present from her because even his own mother forgot his birthday.


  • Debby Ryan as Bailey Pickett

Guest star

  • Robert Torti as Kurt Martin

Special guest star

  • Kim Rhodes as Carey Martin


  • Zack and Cody's father's name is Kurt Martin, but the credits at the end of the show address him as Rick Martin.

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