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Harvey Elder
Mole Man is the leader of the Mole people and a enemy of the Fantastic Four. His real name is Harvey Rupert Elder and was ridiculed of his hollow earth theories. Hulk encounters Mole Man where they have been captured by the giant Larvae-Beasts. A-Bomb comes to their aid where they discover that the Larvae-Beast eggs were placed upon a floor with lava underneath for incubation. Mole Man also informs them that they will also have to deal with the Queen Larvae-Beast before any more of the Larvae-Beasts can make it to the surface. Mole Man uses the Moloids to help fight the Queen Larvae-Beast. After the Queen Larvae-Beasts are defeated, Mole Man and the Moloids return to Subterranea.

Mole Man was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby.

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