Moe Zart is a Toon NPC Dog and a shopkeeper Toon who resides in More Scores (Sporting Goods), on Alto Avenue, Minnie's Melodyland.

SOS ToonEdit

Moe Zart is a VP SOS Toon reward that you can receive by defeating the VP. This SOS is a rare, five-star SOS. It is Sound and will do 80 damage to all cogs that you are battling at the time. (Not including boss (aka VP, CFO, CJ, or CEO) cogs.) His Fog Horn has a damage of 80, while the regular fog horn only has 50 damage. His gag is the most powerful sound gag

Animation (as an S.O.S)Edit

1. A dog toon will pop up out of the ground using a "black hole teleport" and say "Hi (Your toon's name)! Glad to Help!

2. He will pull out a Fog Horn, doing 80 damage to all cogs you are fighting. If more than just the SOS toon is using a sound gag, he will use sound with you.

3. He will then say "See you later!" and jump back into his teleport hole.


  • His name is a pun of the famous musician Mozart.