Mo is an Enigmo Slug who belongs to Eli Shane. He first appeared in "Endangered Species" where he was initially hunted by a trio of Slug hunters who sent Eli flying. Where he landed he found Eli and a trap. Soon Gearhold Stalker appeared wanting the Slug, but Eli refused.

An Enigmo slug is they key to the Fusion Shot as when you are hit by it you are then able to see a slugs aura and see if it is compatible with another for a Fusion Shot.

He can't be used in a fusion shot actually.

Known Moves

  • Protoform Abilities - Aligns Slug energies, helps keep a group of Slugs happy.
  • Doublast - Hits an opponent, giving them blurry double vision.
  • Aura Vision - Those hit by an Enigmo can see the auras of Slugs, leading Slingers to see which Slugs can make fusion shots.