Miss Thespis is the dance instructor at Prometheus Academy, in Hercules: The Animated Series. She also becomes Icarus' step-mother.

Episode Appearances

Hercules and the Muse of Dance

Miss Thespis substitutes Phys. Ed. class, after Hercules accidentally injures the coach. And she plans a dance shows and tells the class that boys and girls will audition. When Adonis volunteers Hercules to dance, Thespis is nervous about him dancing (due to his klutz problem). But after seeing him dance, she casts Hercules as a deer. She is disappointed when Hercules quits the recital and casts Icarus as the understudy. Until Hercules returns, then everyone is happy.

Hercules and the Green-Eyed Monster

It is revealed that she and Daedalus, Shop teacher and Icarus' father are dating. Icarus tries to scare Miss Thespis, it doesn't work, but she's impressed with his acting talent then tells him that she and Daedalus are getting married. Icarus then steals Pandora's box, and unleashes the monsters at the wedding. All are captured and put back into the box by Hercules, except one, Jealousy.

After he hears Icarus complain about how Thespis is trying to take his dad away from him, Jealousy feeds on his jealous emotion, then completely swallows Icarus whole. Daedalus, Thespis, and Hercules go into the monster to save Icarus while Cassandra stalls Jealousy. After seeing how Thespis was willing to dive into Jealousy's throat to get him, Icarus changes him mind about having a step-mom.

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