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Miss Taylor is the town schoolteacher and the quaternary antagonist in Pete's Dragon.

Role in the film

Miss Taylor is first seen walking her class in the town of Passamaquoddy until a boy named Pete accidentally bumps into her, embarrassing her in front of her class. After insulting Pete, his friend, Elliott the dragon (invisible) plays a trick on her by having her petticoat removed in front of her class, thus, making her an embarrassment again and putting the blame on Pete.

Days later, after Pete has been adopted by Nora, Miss Taylor is upset by her students tardiness due to Nora, Pete, and the children playing, singing, and dancing to "There's Room for Everyone." At first, Miss Taylor refuses to take in Pete until Nora finally manages to convince her otherwise despite her reluctance.

Later, when the school bell is being rung by an invisible Elliott, Pete tries to stop him but Miss Taylor once again puts the blame on him, accuses him of lying, proceeds to carelessly slap his hands a few times with a stick, and sets him up as the dunce of the class. Still refusing to believe the story about Elliott, Elliott (still invisible) is heard angrily snarling and growling and then breaks through the wall, thus, scaring everyone. After Elliott removes the dunce hat from Pete and is told to return back to the cave, he breaks through another wall while accidentally taking the school bell with him. So, school is cancelled for today and Miss Taylor is finally somewhat convinced about Elliott's "existence" as is the villainous Dr. Terminus and his shill, Hoagy.

A few more days later, at night, after Elliott has made a full appearance in town and defeated his enemies, Miss Taylor and the Mayor are seen along with other members exiting his office, not noticing the upcoming falling electric pole. The pole is about to hit them until Elliott rushes just in time to save them. Shocked and amazed at the same time by his appearance, Miss Taylor and everyone else are grateful to Elliott and his good deed.

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