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Miss Kitty Mouse's twin sisters are two backup dancers at the Rat Trap that dance alongside Kitty. They both look identical to their sister except for the beauty marks on the left sides of their cheeks.


Like their sister, their personalities are unknown but some good guesses can be made simply at their jobs and where they work.

Role in the film

While Kitty's dance turns into a stripper act, these two appear as backup dancers for her helping her entertain the patrons, including Dawson.

Near the end of the song, Dawson, in a drugged state, gets on stage and dances with the 2 before they give him a kiss on each cheek. He grins and laughs a little before spinning around. Finally, he crashes onto the piano, which the twins notice with both half-worried and half-shocked looks on their faces. After the song ends, a riot breaks out. Luckily, Basil and Dawson managed to escape and follow Fidget to Ratigan's hideout.


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