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Miss Mousey
Miss Kitty Mouse
Background information
Feature films The Great Mouse Detective
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Melissa Manchester
Performance model
Inspiration Daisy Duck

Miss Bianca Mewsette Duchess

Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Sweet, kind, nice, romantic, singer, fabulous, diva
Occupation Professional dancer at the Rat Trap
Alignment Good
Goal To calm and entertain the patrons
Relatives Her sisters
Allies Basil of Baker Street, Dr. Dawson
Likes Like to sing, dance with her twin sisters
Powers and abilities
Quote "Let Me Be Good To You."

Miss Kitty Mouse is a white mouse who has a brief but memorable role in The Great Mouse Detective. She is voiced by musician Melissa Manchester.

Role in the film

Miss Kitty is brought on by the Rat Trap's pianist to calm the crowd with her song "Let Me Be Good To You" when they prepare to riot. She starts off by singing softly, calming then, and even Dawson is attracted by her act. Only Basil pays no attention as he sees the bartender drugging his and Dawson's drinks.

Miss Kitty's song rapidly degenerates into a burlesque act with backup dancers while patrons grab fruitlessly at her. She never misses a step, kicking a couple of patrons off stage. Dawson, in a drugged state, has wound up on stage dancing with the backup dancers, much to Basil's disgust, before passing out as they look on horrified, and breaking the pianist's piano just as the song ends.

This results in a typical riot breaking out, with shots fired and some swinging on chandeliers. Fortunately, our heroes avoid swinging fists or flying chairs, and slip out unnoticed through a trap door.


  • Miss Kitty's main purpose is to entertain the patrons with her shapely body and sultry voice. Her name was never mentioned, but sources have stated that 'Miss Kitty' was written upon her character model sheet.


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