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Misha, Yasha and Vladimir are the three wolf hunters and deuteragonists of Disney's 1946 short Peter and the Wolf, a segment of the 1946 feature film Make Mine Music.



There really isn't any particular personality or traits offered for these three, except for the fact that they are brave enough to rush to the rescue of a little boy who is trapped by a wolf and sensitive enough to all start crying when it looks like the boy has been killed.

Physical appearance

These three play off each other very well, one being tall and buff, one being tall and slender, and the last being very short, so short that when the three start running he sometimes bounces between the two larger men's bodies without slowing them down at all. Misha and Yasha both have black hair, while Vladimir's is a light red. All three have long beards. Each hunter wears a different colored outfit, which appear to be fur-lined, possibly a testament to both their hunting prowess and the cold.


Make Mine Music

Misha, Yasha, and Vladimir are marching rhythmically through the woods when Sasha flies up to them and alerts them of a wolf up ahead. Though startled at first, they heft their weapons without hesitation and dash off after Sasha. When they arrive at the scene, they find only Peter's hat and popgun lying in the midst of some wolf tracks. Believing the young boy to be dead, they give great emphatic sobs until they look up and see Peter and Ivan with the wolf subdued in ropes. Led by Peter, the three hunters then march through the village with the wolf tied to a stake and the villagers cheering and dancing in celebration. 


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  • The sounds of the Hunters' guns are represented in the music by the kettle drums.

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