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"Misfortune at the Beach" is the ninety-fifth episode overall and the sixteenth episode of the fourth season in Wizards of Waverly Place.


The Russos head to the beach on an extremely hot day, and Harper hopes to enjoy reading her book while at the beach. The Russos come across Zelzar, a fortune-telling machine. Jerry warns the kids about Zelzar – he is from the wizard world, and a wizard's fortune really comes true. After Max and Justin receive good fortunes, Alex decides to get a fortune despite her father's warning. However, her fortune says, "Say good-bye to your life." Alex thinks nothing of it and proceeds to enjoy the day at the beach, but comes close to life-threatening situations multiple times. Alex, Justin, Max, and Harper make a compromise with Zelzar – if they can extract him from the machine and let him enjoy a day at the beach, he will take back Alex's fortune. Max replaces Zelzar, and Justin is forced to drive the beach-goers away from the machine (as Max gives out silly fortunes about his new facial hair); meanwhile, the girls help Zelzar fancy his day at the beach. In the end, Zelzar reveals that while he cannot take away Alex's fortune, he can give it to the next person. The next person happens to be a little girl, who gets Alex's fortune. However, it is revealed that a man from Random Prize Giveaway shows up, saying: "Say good-bye to your life because we're randomly giving you one million dollars!"


  • Fix the fan, make it right, make it blow with all its might – Fixes the fan and enables it to blow full force.


  • Timothy Fitzgerald as Angry Beachgoer

Guest stars

  • Michael Carbonaro as Zelzar, John J. York as Game Show Host

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