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Miriya & Marie is a 2015 manga series released by Kodansha in partnership with Disney. She is in the presence of the cat, Marie, from The Aristocats film.


Miriya was a rich girl who led a tedious and meaningless life in Japan, only to be transported to Paris, of the year 1910! Out of her time, in a strange city to boot, Miriya discovers that she is part of a dynasty of witches, and to develop her skills, she needs the magic lessons of Marie, the white kitten. The world-famous Aristocats character is now a feline endowed with magical powers, able to speak with humans. Leading the Japanese student to new places is as fascinating as it is weird. Marie teaches her the lessons of life, respect and confidence in this new and different manga. Disney made this book for curious children, whom have not lost the gift of dreaming.

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