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Background information
Feature films The Incredibles
Television programs
Video games Disney INFINITY
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by
Voice Elizabeth Peña
Performance model
Inspiration Femme fatales from the James Bond series
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name
Other names
Personality Seductive, intelligent, cunning, sarcastic, sly, helpful, resourceful, skilled, beautiful, attractive, sexy
Appearance Slender, fairly tan skin, snow-white hair, sleek green eyes, gray suit, gray skirt, long black dress with a slit on the left side, black high heels
Occupation Secretary, sidekick, assistant
Alignment Good
Allies Mr. Incredible, Elastigirl
Enemies Syndrome
Powers and abilities None, but is seemingly skilled in technology
Fate Now works for the NSA after Syndrome's death
Quote "Next time you gamble, bet your own life!"

"Oh, hello. You must be Mrs. Incredi..."

Mirage is a character in the Disney and Pixar 2004 film The Incredibles. She started out as a supporting antagonist, but reedemed herself later on in the film.


The Incredibles

"Mirage" is a pseudonym; her real name is unknown. She is Syndrome's seductive right-hand woman, who aided him in the murder of Gazerbeam and many other superheroes. She had been conducting surveillance on Frozone for some time in an attempt to make him Syndrome's next murder victim; however, when she spots Frozone with his good friend Mr. Incredible, Mirage recommends to Syndrome that they put Frozone on hold and instead target Mr. Incredible, given Syndrome's hatred of Mr. Incredible. She slips a message to Bob Parr telling him of lucrative superhero work shortly after he is fired by Gilbert Huph. Mr. Incredible, both eager to resume his superhero career and in need of money to support his family now that he is unemployed, accepts Mirage's offer. Mirage asks Mr. Incredible to deactivate renegade Omnidroid robots, actually a front for testing their capabilities. Mirage eventually switches sides when Syndrome's disconcern for human life becomes apparent in attacking the jet plane carrying Helen and the children to Nomanisan Island.

The Incredibles Comic Book

Mirage has since joined the NSA as an agent. When Xerek becomes active again in Europe, she and Helen are assigned to work together against the diminutive supervillain's schemes. When discovering Helen's past with Xerek and how she's keeping this from the rest of the family, Mirage points out that she's doing exactly the same thing Bob was doing to Helen's chagrin. Arriving in Paris, they face Bomb Voyage and a group of mercenaries, though they are outnumbered. Helen pursues Bomb Voyage to Xerek's lair, with Mirage meeting her there. After Xerek's small goal of wanting to lure Helen out under the assumption she missed the thrill of the old days and him, both heroes just laugh and Xerek is arrested as Mirage manages to offer his mercenaries better pay.


Mirage is clearly a calm, decisive intellectual who thrives upon power, but seems to put her desire for power in check, unlike Syndrome, who did not know his limits.

Mirage is an attractive woman with light blonde hair.

At first, Mirage respected Syndrome as a boss and as a person, but she didn't like the way in which he was callous about wasting life. Even though it is apparent, she shares Syndrome's hatred of superheroes, she was clearly ill at ease with Syndrome opening fire on Elastigirl's plane when she learned children were aboard. 


  • Mirage is similar to Meg, as they are both attractive females who work for the antagonist (Syndrome, Hades), but they eventually gain sympathy for the protagonist (Mr. Incredible, Hercules) and end up helping them.
  • Mirage is similar to the James Bond villainess Andrea Anders. As they are both femme fatale villainesses working for the main antagonist but become good and tell the hero of their employers plan.


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