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Miracle in Lane 2 is a 2000 Disney Channel Original Movie starring Frankie Muniz, Rick Rossovich, Molly Hagan, and Patrick Levis.


The movie tells the true story of Justin Yoder (played by Frankie Muniz), a boy that was born with spina bifida and hydrocephalus, and resumes his life in a wheelchair. He lives with his protective mom and dad and his brother Seth (Patrick Levis), who is a sports jock. Due to his disability, Justin desperately tries to find something he can do that would make him feel special. For guidance, Justin confronts God (who in the film takes form as a famous race-car driver, Bobby Wade) during his journey.

After discovering a soapbox racer in his neighbor's shed, Justin hopes to participate in soapbox racing and eventually finds a love and talent for the sport. For Justin's handicap, his dad and their neighbor Vic build a customized racer with a handbrake (called the "Justin Brake"). Meanwhile, Seth feels that the parents focus too much on Justin rather than treating both boys equally. Seth however, has a change of heart when Justin has a bad crash during a race.

The family is then confronted with the idea that Justin's involvement within the sport may be hazardous to his health. At the end of the film, Justin asks God if people are perfect when they go to heaven, and God shows him a heaven where there are people with and without wheelchairs, all together, to which Justin happily replies "perfect".

As a tribute to Justin Yoder, live video clips are shown of him before the credits.


  • Frankie Muniz - Justin Yoder
  • Rick Rossovich - Myron Yoder
  • Molly Hagan - Sheila Yoder
  • Patrick Levis - Seth Yoder
  • Roger Aaron Brown - Vic Sauder
  • Tuc Watkins - God/Bobby Wade
  • Brittany Bouck - Cindy
  • Todd Hurst - Brad
  • Kara Keough - Teresa
  • Joel McKinnon Miller - Bill
  • Holmes Osbourne - Randall
  • Freda Fon Shen - Dr. Kwan
  • Christian Copelin - Pipsqueak
  • Judith Drake - Volunteer
  • Rick Fitts - Soccer Coach
  • Jim Jansen - Minister
  • James Lashly - Leather Jacket Man
  • Tom Nolan - Baseball Coach
  • Milt Tarver - Elder Statesman
  • Tom Virtue - Announcer
  • Ethan Cutuli - Racer/Fan



  • Directors Guild of America, 2001: DGA Award, Outstanding Directorial Achievement in Children's Programs

Greg Beeman (director), Christopher Morgan (unit production manager) (plaque), Lisa C. Satriano (first assistant director) (plaque), Nick Satriano (second assistant director) (plaque)

  • Humanitas Prize, 2001 - Children's Live-Action Category, Joel Kauffmann, Donald C. Yost
  • Young Artist Awards, 2001 - Young Artist Award Best Performance in a TV Movie (Drama), Supporting Young Actor, Patrick Levis


  • Writers Guild of America, 2001 - WGA Award (TV) Children's Script, Joel Kauffmann, Donald C. Yost
  • Young Artist Award - Best Family TV Movie/Pilot/Mini-Series - Cable
  • Young Artist Award - Best Performance in a TV Movie (Drama), Leading Young Actor, Frankie Muniz

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