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Minnie N' Me: Sleep Over Adventure is a Disney based book by Golden (which merged with Random House, Inc.) from the Golden Sound Story series made in 1990.


Daisy Duck is having a sleepover at Minnie Mouse's house.

Picture Symbol and Sounds

When you are reading a book, each symbol is used for the sound effects.

  • Spring - Makes a bouncing noise.
  • Door Knob - Makes door opening sound.
  • Missy's Face - She cries.
  • Dust Bunnies - They laugh.
  • Faucet - Makes water running sound.
  • Vacuum Cleaner - Makes vacuum motor sound.
  • Polka Dots - They bounce up and down.
  • Baby Buggy - Makes vroom sound.
  • Music Box - Plays Lullaby and Good Night.

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