Minnie's Protector is a 1954 Pluto comic story.


Minnie has to collect some money for charity, but the city is dangerous at night and Mickey cannot accompany her as he has an important reunion, so he sends Pluto with Minnie to protect her.

Pluto watches some cats and suspects they are to no good, so pursues them. Minnie asks him to come bach and when he does, they clash and the charity money is scattered. While Minnie is picking the money, a rodent steals a coin and Pluto follows it to a hole, but when he digs it, he also ruins a neighbor's nearby tree. While Minnie scolds Pluto, a thief steals the money. Pluto follows the thief to the train station but is knocked out and falls on the fridge cart of the train. Now Minnie has lost both the money and Pluto.

The following morning, when the train has moved 300 kilometers, Pluto is found and thawed. Right then, the thief arrives (seemingly coming from the train) and Pluto recognises and attacks him. During the scuffle, the thief drops the charity money and other stolen goods from previous thefts. An officer tells there's a reward for who robbed some of these goods.

Pluto is returned home thanks to the address in his collar. Minnie gets the charity money back with an additional donation of the police and Pluto gets the reward money, which is put on his mouth. Pluto spits the money in Minnie's direction, so it's assumed he wants to donate it for Minnie's charity.