Minnie's Giant Plan is Volume 3 of the Mickey's Young Readers Library. It is an adaptation of the Irish folk tale A Woman's Wit.


Minnie gets a visit from a friendly giant named Elmo. Elmo explains to her that a big, mean giant is coming to town to have a fight with him and threatens to take everyone prisoner if he wins. Minnie gets Elmo to build a huge baby cradle, and then sews a baby bonnet for Elmo to wear. She then has Elmo pretend to be a giant baby.

The mean giant, named Igor, eventually shows up and demands to see Elmo, but Minnie tells him that he is off fighting a dragon, so he has to wait till Elmo returns. Minnie sews a suit that's even taller than Igor and tells him that she's making it for Elmo. Then, when Igor hears Elmo letting out a sneeze inside the house, he goes to look inside, believing Elmo's hiding from him in there. When he sees Elmo, disguised as a baby in the giant cradle, Minnie tells him that it's Elmo's six-month-old son; this scares Igor into believing that Elmo is much bigger than him, and he runs away. Elmo thanks Minnie for protecting him for Igor.