Mindy Parker is a minor character from the 2008 Disney animated film, Bolt. She works for the network and when rating points were coming down from the Bolt TV Show, she pressured the Director to make the show less "predictable" by threatening to fire him. Making the Director to make a change, is what caused him to make the cliffhanger episode that made Bolt run away from "his trailer".

When Penny and her Mother were trying to find Bolt, Mindy Parker tells Penny that she understands what she's feeling and that she needs to let Bolt go, so a lot of people won't loss their jobs with the uncompleted episode. Mindy was also at the casting of the "new" Bolt, before the crew got ready to shoot the second part of the episode. After the studio caught fire and Penny and Bolt started to live an normal life, it's possible that she personally fired the Director from losing more rating points with the new "Penny" and "Bolt" and making the show "unrealistic".


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