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Mina Loveberry is the Mewman hero of Star Butterfly, and a character in Star vs. the Forces of Evil. She debuts in "Starstruck".



During the episode, Mina shows a rather energetic personality, with a slight hint towards insanity. She, like Star, does not get much of Earth culture and sometimes does whenever she wants, like setting a hot dog cart on fire after learning about democracy.

What caused her personality to turn like this, and how she acted before the incident, is unknown.

Physcial Appearance

Mina is a fair skinned female mewman with purple hair with two odangos and green eyes. She wears a turquoise dress shirt with poofy sleeves and a matching pleated skirt, a grey helmet with a spike at the top, a purple bowtie, a purple belt across her waist, white opera gloves and magenta heels.


She debuts jumping out of a dumpster with some thrown-away donuts, and Star soon recognizes her as her hero, while Marco only thinks she's a crazy lady and she follows Mina around and does what she says, like going to the mud, using playground equipment to make weapons, and other stuff.

Later on, after learning about the concept of democracy, Mina attempts to convince Star to help her conquer and rule the earth. However, when she refuses, Mina transforms into a muscular version of herself to try and intimidate Star into ruling with her. This fails, and Mina is soon defeated when everybody votes against her ruling them all, including herself.

Defeated by democracy, Mina dives into a dumpster that takes her back to Mewni, but not before taking away a handmade mace Star made and once at the dimension, she looks at the mace's head and laments leaving Star behind.


  • Mina Loveberry's design is almost identical to Usagi Tsukino from the famous anime and manga series Sailor Moon.
    • Ironically, Mina is also the Americanized name of Minako Aino/Sailor Venus in the infamous DiC/Cloverway dub of the Sailor Moon anime.


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