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Mimi is a character in the animated series Stanley. She is also the twin sister of Marci. In the Christmas episode, it is revealed that the twins celebrate Kwanzaa.


Physical appearance

Throughout the series, she wears a blue T-shirt with purple overalls and sneakers, outfits with flowers, a baton twirling uniform, and a figure skating outfit.

Powers and Abilities

Mimi has a very good talent for baton twirling in Honest Ostrich. She is also great at figure skating and ballet.

Role in the series

Mimi, unlike her sister Marci, does girl things. Mimi has a feminine personality, as she likes flowers.

Episode Appearances

  • "Show and Tell Shark"
  • "Frog Legs"
  • "There's Snow Place Like Home"
  • "Sloth for a Day"
  • "Honest Ostrich"
  • "Dolphin Talk"
  • "Baby Pictures"
  • "Proud as a Peacock"
  • "Dances with Flamingos"
  • "Spelling Bee Situation"


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