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The following episodes of Milo Murphy's Law are listed in the order of their original airing.

The series premiered on October 3, 2016 with the episodes "Going the Extra Milo" on Disney Channel, along with "Sunny Side Up". Before making its television premiere, the first episodes of the show, "Going the Extra milo" and "The Undergrounders", were released for free at the iTunes and Google Play on September 23, 2016.

Season One (2016)

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Title Original
01 01 "Going the Extra Milo" October 3, 2016 101A
Zack Underwood, a new kid in town, meets Milo Murphy, the unluckiest kid in town. Because of Milo's misfortune, he and Zack both miss the bus for school, so Milo shows Zack a "shortcut" to school, while attempting to avoid wolves, bees, fire, and even an alien abduction. Meanwhile, Melissa Chase, a friend of Milo's, collects lunches as wagers from other students on whether or not Milo and Zack will make it to school before the bell rings.
"Sunny Side Up" October 3, 2016 102B
After a science class, Milo and his friends experiment with eggs and they create an invention which is nicknamed. "Big Bertha". But then Milo causes a brain to fall off a anatomy model, and the egg breaks. but luckily, he has another egg and they compete in a contest which they see which one falls without breaking the egg.
02 02 "Rooting for the Enemy" October 10, 2016 102A
Milo attends his first football game, which turns into an extraordinary, explosive sporting event that is anything BUT football.
"The Undergrounders" October 10, 2016 101B
Milo, Zack, and Melissa's subway car gets derailed on their way to a field trip to the museum. While trying to find their way to the museum, they encounter a society of construction workers who have been underground for a long time.
03 03 "The Doctor Zone Files" October 17, 2016 103A
Sara wants to go see The Doctor Zone Files movie with Milo, but worries about potential problems.
"The Note" October 17, 2016 103B
Milo and the gang spend the entire day chasing after his doctor’s note that excuses an entire semester of absences, illness and shenanigans caused by Murphy’s Law.
04 04 "Party of Peril" October 26, 2016 104A
Melissa and Zack throw Milo his first surprise birthday party, the only real birthday party he’s ever had.
"Smooth Opera-tor" October 26, 2016 104B
Milo goes to the opera and when things go wrong, he ends up center stage.
05 05 "Worked Day" October 27, 2016 105A
"Wilder West" October 27, 2016 105B

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