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Milo Danger Murphy is the protagonist of the 2016 Disney XD series Milo Murphy's Law.

He is a young boy who is the descendant of the creator of Murphy's Law; If something can go wrong, will go wrong. Because of this, many accidents and catastrophes happen when Milo is around.


Official Description

13-year-old Milo Murphy is positive, enthusiastic and makes the best of everything. He considers like to be an adventures and feels LUCKY to experience Murphy's Law. After all, isn't it more exciting to run to school chased by a pack of wild llamas than to take the bus?

Personality and Traits

Milo has a reputation for having extreme misfortune. Where ever he goes, unexpected accidents and catastrophes follow him. Incidents that endanger himself and the people around him. Despite the misfortune that happens so often in his life, Milo is very optimistic and calm in the face of it. When bad things happen to him (and they usually do), he always finds a way to overcome it. Milo is prepared for any eventuality, and carries a huge backpack loaded with stuff for any adversity he faces. Helmets when running from a rolling sewage pipe, a seat belt when riding a runaway subway car, and much more.

He appears to be unaware that his classmate Bradley Nicholson is jealous of him and the attention he gets whenever disaster strikes.


Milo has fair skin, brown hair, a red-gray stripped sweater-vest, a yellow shirt, brown pants and pale purple shoes with yellow socks.


  • During early production of the show, Milo's first name was previously Mikey.
  • According to the episode "The Note" Milo's middle name is revealed to be "Danger" (pronounced "dohn-ge"), his grandmother's maiden name.




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