Millicent is a character of comics Disney Paperino Paperotto, she was childhood friend of Donald Duck. She was created by Paola Mulazzi, Millicent debuted for the first time in history Paperino Paperotto e un cent per Millicent , written by Paola Mulazzi and designed by Alessandro Barbucci, and became a recurring character (and almost always present) in all later stories of Paperino Paperotto.


Millicent is a girl of small stature, black hair and always dressed in red, has a great love of money, she always finds opportunities to do good business selling items or changing other objects. His idol is Scrooge McDuck, Uncle Donald, trying to find whenever visit his nephew Donald Duck. At first, she hated being called "Cent" to name, but after Scrooge he pointed out that every cent is a step toward infinity, she changed her mind. His favorite animal is the ant.