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Miller White kissing his skateboard
Miller White is a character on Liv and Maddie. Miller is not very smart but was brought in to teach Liv how to skateboard in her movie, The Skateboard Bandit. In Skate-A-Rooney, he dumped Liv over a text message. Miller pretented to get back together with Liv, and mistakened Maddie for her. Just as Liv was about to break Miller's first skateboard, Maddie told her that he was going to get back together with her. Miller admitted that it was all a trick. In the end, Maddie cuts off his famous ponytail. He is portrayed by Connor Weil.


  • When Liv was in Hollywood, she dated Miller; this is revealed in the Are You Liv or Maddie? game on
  • Miller White is Liv's ex boyfriend as revealed in Skate-A-Rooney.
  • Miller White may relate to the beer manufacturer Miller Lite.

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