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Milady de Winter
Milady de Winter
Background information
Feature films The Three Musketeers
Television programs
Video games
Park attractions
Portrayed by
Portrayed by Rebecca De Mornay
Performance model
Honors and awards
Character information
Full name Sabine de Winter
Other names Countess de Winter, Milady, Sabine
Appearance Blond, Beautiful
Occupation Assasin, Spy
Alignment Bad later good.
Relatives Athos and Lord de Winter(deceased) (ex-husbands)
Allies Cardinal Richelieu (formerly), Captain Rochefort (formerly), her minions, and the musketeers
Minions Parker, Henri, and other swordsmen
Enemies The musketeers (formerly)
Likes A good adventure
Powers and abilities
Weapons Dagger
Fate Commits suicide.

Countess Milady de Winter also called Sabine is the tertiary antagonist in Disney's 1993 movie, The Three Musketeers. She was portrayed by Rebecca De Mornay.


She was once married to Athos, before he became a musketeer. When he discovered her fleur-de-lis brand, which is meant for execution, he gave her to the authorities. Unknown to him, she escaped and married Count de Winter, later killing the man. She was saved from execution by Cardinal Richelieu and became one of his spies and assassins. She is ordered by Cardinal Richelieu to travel to England to engineer an alliance with the Duke of Buckingham. On her way, she kidnaps D'Artagnan, but is confronted by the Three Musketeers. Her treachery revealed, she is jailed by the musketeers and her brother-in-law, Lord Armand de Winter. Athos tries to gain information from the woman but is refused. That morning, the party and a swordsman take her to a cliff for her execution. In a dramatic change from the novel's source, it is Athos who saves Milady from beheading, begging forgiveness for betrayal. Moved by this, Sabine forgives Athos, tells all the Cardinal's plans, and then, commits suicide by jumping off a cliff.


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