Mike Murdock is one of Kenny Binder's middle school bullies in Ernest Scared Stupid.

Role in the film

Mike and his brother, Matt, are Mayor Murdock's sons. They do not enjoy Elizabeth's classroom report about Briarville's legend of Trantor and Phineas Worrell. They later destroy Kenny's cardboard haunted house. They are eventually mistaken for trolls by Ernest, but nobody believes him, especially Cliff Binder. Mike teams up with Kenny to defeat Trantor and other trolls after Matt became one of Trantor's wooden dolls during Briarville Elementary School's Halloween bash. After arriving at Hackmore's homeland, Mike in his vampire costume uses a squirt gun to squirt milk at some of the trolls in order for them to disappear forever. After Ernest defeats Trantor, Mike and his father reunite with Matt who is a normal person once again.