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Mikayla (portrayed by Selena Gomez) is the rival of Hannah Montana but is friends with Miley Stewart.


Mikayla is a pop singer and rival of Hannah Montana. One of her hit songs is "If Cupid Had a Heart". When she and Hannah meet on the talk show The Real Deal, they become quick enemies. However, when on air, they act as if they are friends. Mikayla tells Hannah that she will steal all of her fans when they both perform at the "United People's Relief" in Florida. She taunts Miley when Miley tells her that she has a family problem (her father hurt his back) and she couldn't go. Miley tells her that Hannah will definitely be there and, according to Lilly and Robby Ray, Hannah 'blew Mikayla off the stage'. Mikayla is also an actress, being shown co-starring in an upcoming movie with Jake Ryan in That's What Friends Are For?. When she meets Miley, not knowing that she is actually Hannah Montana as well, Mikayla likes Miley and they become friends. She tells Miley that she admires Miley for being so brave and that she would never watch her ex-boyfriend smooching it off with another girl. She admits to Miley and Lilly that she has a crush on Jake. At the end, she invites Miley (but not Lilly, whom Mikayla doesn't like) to the mall to talk about how much she hates Hannah Montana. Some time later, Miley and friends briefly enjoy a scathing review of Mikayla by popular music critic Barney Bittman (he advises the viewing public to buy two copies--one to cover each ear), before he stuns them into silence by announcing his next broadcast will feature his impressions of an upcoming Hannah Montana concert.

Mikayla has a Motorola Razr cell phone and an overprotective manager named Margo who doesn't like Hannah Montana or Robby Ray.


Mikayla is quite arragont and shallow but she can be warm hearted when she is not around Hannah. She can be overly sarcastic or brutally honest about her opinion. She will always speak her mind, and doesn't care what others think about it.


  • Drake Jecall - While Miley and Mikayla were on a talkshow, she admits to Miley that she has a crush on a guy named Drake. She dumps Jake and takes him instead.
  • Jake Ryan - They met when Miley (as Hannah) and she went on separate tours.
  • Miley Stewart - Just a friend.
  • Hannah Montana - They are enemies just because of their careers.
  • Lilly Truscott - Mikayla thinks that Lily is not a good person, but Lily likes Mikayla.


  • Mikayla is one of the characters on The Hannah Montana UNO Game.
  • She Was born of February 19, 1994.

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