Mika 1
Mika is the niece of Phil, the owner of Falafel Phil's. She is portrayed by Oana Gregory. In "Kickin' It Old School", Jerry, Milton, Eddie and Jack all look at her, amazed and perhaps even a bit love struck. She later goes to Seaford High, where Jerry has begun a rumor that the two of them are going out to make himself cooler. When Mika hears this, she is furious. Later, she and Phil discuss what she should do to get back at Jerry and they come up with tricking Jerry into believing that in their home country, before a boy can date a girl, he must do ridiculously extraneous tasks. When Jerry has almost completed the final task, Mika reveals that she made the tasks up to get back at him for starting the rumor, but it has proven him worthy. In "Wedding Crashers", they are seen as boyfriend and girlfriend.


  • "Kickin' It Old School"
  • "Wedding Crashers"
  • "Sole Brothers"