Mighty Joe Young is the titular deuteragonist from the 1998 live-action Disney film Mighty Joe Young. Joe is a gigantic gorilla who is adopted by Jill Young.


Joe is always loyal and faithful, but can act very violent and hot-tempered when provoked or when things go wrong.

Role in the film

Joe is first seen as a baby when Jill finds him in the grass and plays peek-a-boo with him until Jill's mother catches her. Joe is seen again running away from the hunters with Jill, until her wounded mother finds them and holds her daughter close when she was fleeing from the hunters. Before she dies, she tells Jill to take care of Joe.

Twelve years later, Jill and Joe are seen again in several scenes. Eventually, Joe is sent to an animal preserve, but his peaceful residence is short-lived when he gets provoked by poachers and causes a rampage during a public interview at a party. Joe is then detained in a large prison cell, but Jill and Gregg manage to free him. He is then forced to flee when he runs into Strasser, the police and the navy, who are all out to get him.

Joe is later seen in the fire-at-the-fairground scene where he has to rescue Jason, a little boy, from the Ferris wheel, but falls hard on the ground in the process and lays asleep, making Jill desperately think that he is dead. Jill tries to wake him up a few times, but nothing happens, and she falls into tears. Several minutes later, Joe slowly opens his eyes and he and Jill are reunited. Joe is then given his own wildlife habitation, where he can roam free and live in peace.


  • Although Joe is the titular character, Jill is the overall protagonist since she has bigger plans. However, Joe is the one who drives the plot.


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