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Mickeyjunk Mountain
Background Information
Feature films
Short films
Television programs
Video games Epic Mickey
Park attractions
Inspiration Matterhorn
Other Information
Other names
Location The Wasteland
Inhabitants Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, The Shadow Blot
Visitors Mickey Mouse, Gremlin Gus
Final state
Mickeyjunk Mountain is the Wasteland version of the Matterhorn from Disneyland. It is the location where Oswald the Lucky Rabbit puts every piece of Mickey Mouse-related merchandise that ends up in Wasteland.

As the name suggests, it sounds like "Mickey's junk", as Oswald refers to it when the mouse first meets him.

Oswald resides in his own private sanctuary atop the uppermost peaks, stewing in a constant reminder of his "brother's" endless success.

Also on the Mountain is the jug in which The Shadow Blot has been sealed. Oswald stays on the mountain to guard that jug and make sure that the Blot doesn't escape.

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