Mickey and the Big Storm is Volume 9 of the Mickey's Young Readers Library. It is an adaptation of the Aesop fable The Ant and the Grasshopper with Mickey Mouse and his friends. Despite Mickey having his name in the title, the story focuses on Donald Duck and Goofy.


One winter day, Mickey and Goofy are visiting Donald and hear an announcement on the radio saying that it is going to snow. Mickey promptly leaves to go get ready for the snowstorm, while Donald and Goofy prepare to go play in the snow tomorrow. The next day, as the snowfall continues, Donald and Goofy go sledding down Powder Hill, have a snowball fight (along with Huey, Dewey, Louie, Morty, and Ferdie), and build a snowman. Eventually, they get hungry and head to Donald's house to have some food, hot cocoa, and a warm fire. Unfortunately, Donald finds out that he's out of firewood and food. They go to Goofy's house, only to find that he's also out of firewood and food, and his lights are also dead. They try to go to the market to buy food and candles, but all the stores are closed. Finally, Donald decides that they should go to Mickey for help. Fortunately, it turns out that Mickey has more than enough hot cocoa and firewood, since he made sure to stop at the store on his way home yesterday, and he allows Donald and Goofy to stay over for the night.