Mickey Mouse and the Great Lot Plot

Mickey Mouse and the Great Lot Plot is a Little Golden Book starring Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck.


Mickey, Minnie, Morty and Ferdie are one day walking and see a piece of land for sale. Mickey wants to buy it for the children so they can play, but Scrooge comes by and tells Mickey that he's going to buy the land for a pickle factory he's going to build and since the land was next to his Money Bin. Mickey tried to talk Scrooge into letting him buying it for the children but Scrooge told him he wouldn't change his mind. Mickey then told Scrooge that he would try to out-buy the land from him but Scrooge laughed, taking it as a joke. Mickey then tried various ways of fundraising but only raked $500. Mickey then went to Scrooge to tell him how he was doing but Scrooge replied that he was for sure going to get the land.

Later on, Morty and Ferdie stopped by Scrooge's Money Bin where Scrooge was in front of the piece of land. They decided to play tag with Scrooge and later on they would play baseball. After all that playing, it made Scrooge tired and he had a dream. The day that it was revealed about who got the lot, Mickey, Scrooge, Mickey's nephews, and Goofy were anxiously waiting. Scrooge won the land and told Mickey and the others to wait. Construction workers started to appear and Scrooge had told them that he decided to build a playground on the land and that the money Mickey raised would go to buying baseball uniforms. A couple days later, Mickey and the nephews with Scrooge would play baseball on the new playground in which Scrooge broke one of his windows to his Money Bin. However Scrooge was happy because he hit a home run.