Mickey Mouse and the Boy Thursday is a 1948 Disney storybook featuring Mickey Mouse.


A West African Native arrives at Mickey's house in a banana package.


Mickey finds an African boy in the delivered box of bananas. The boy doesn’t understand Mickey’s lifestyle and gets into trouble by his careless behaviour. He breaks stuff like radio, because all he knows is how to hunt, eat or worship. When he meets Goofy he drops down to the floor and bows, but then run back to take his spear. The boy seems “dumb”, with not enough knowledge to understand basic behaviours.

Mickey says: “Poor little guy! He just makes mistakes. He doesn’t know any better. I’ll just have to be patient and teach him the right way to do things”

There is also another quote which seems questionable…

“Let me see. A genuine African native,” Mickey murmured. “Perhaps I should start showing him off.”