Mickey Mouse & Friends Intro

A screenshot of the intro.

Mickey Mouse and Friends was an animated television series identical to Mickey's Mouse Tracks that premiered on Disney Channel in 1994 with animated shorts that featured characters like Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto and more. The show ended in 1997. Finding footage of this show is extremely rare.


  • episode1
    • Mickey's fire brigade
    • Corn chips
    • Wynken bryken and nod
  • episode2
    • Tugboat mickey
    • Farmyard symphony
    • Donald and pluto
  • episode3
    • Alpine climbers
    • Canine casanova
    • Goofy's glider
  • episode4
    • Boat builders
    • Peculiar penguins
    • Donald's camera
  • episode5
    • Grand canuonscope
    • Self control
    • The picnic
  • episode6
    • Mickey and the seal
    • The wise little hen
    • Pantry pirate
  • episode7
    • Buluding a buluding
    • Sea salts
    • Cured duck
  • episode8
    • Moose hunters
    • Camp dog
    • First aiders
  • episode9
    • Nifty nineties
    • Mother pluto
    • ‹Donald's golf game
  • episode10
    • Mickey's parrot
    • Old king cole
    • Pluto at the zoo
  • episode11
    • Mickey's grand opera
    • Lullaby land
    • Casey the bat
  • episode12
    • Pluto's quin puplets
    • Cold turkey
    • Donalds dog laundry

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