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Mickey Mouse Splashdance is a 1983 album featuring 1980s-style songs with Mickey Mouse and his friends.

Mickeys Splash Dance02:02

Mickeys Splash Dance

Track listings

Side One

  1. Splashdance 2:20
  2. Happy, Happy Birthday To You 3:08
  3. Digital Duck 2:11
  4. Hoedown At The Robot Farm 2:01
  5. One Little Android 3:36
  6. Chip 'n' Dale's Vacation 2:04

Side Two

  1. Minnie Mouse 3:51
  2. Mickey, She's Got a Crush On You 2:31
  3. Gyro Gearloose 3:36
  4. You Can Always Be Number One (Sport Goofy Anthem) 4:00
  5. Mousekemania 2:34

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