Mickey Mouse's Picnic is a 1950 Little Golden Book starring Mickey Mouse and his friends. It was written by Jane Werner.


Mickey, Pluto, Minnie, Goofy, Daisy, and Clarabelle go on a picnic, not inviting Donald because there is always trouble whenever he comes along. After arriving at the picnic grounds, the group goes swimming. But when they are finished swimming, they find that their picnic basket is missing. The group goes looking for the missing basket, but cannot find it. Donald then shows up, claiming he came here to go fishing, and it just so happens that he has brought enough food for the whole group to eat, so they agree to eat lunch with him. When Donald sets up his picnic lunch, they see that Donald happens to have the same amount of food that Minnie had packed in her lunch basket. Minnie, becoming suspicious, then looks under the cake pan holding up the chocolate cake that Donald has brought. She finds one of her butter knifes attached to bottom of the pan, thus revealing that Donald actually stole their picnic basket. Donald apologizes for deceiving his friends, but Mickey forgives him, saying they now know they should've just brought him along to begin with.