"Mickey Monkey" is the twenty-ninth episode of Mickey Mouse. It aired on November 18, 2014.


Mickey struggles to get his life back after a mischievous monkey steals his identity.


The jungle starts with a 4 Monkies (1 Monkey is asleep). Then, Minnie, Donald, and Goofy puts all of the stuff on the sailboat. Goofy ate the apple, but he burps very loudly. Goofy and Donald was noticing when Mickey takes long (when they wait for him). Minnie called Mickey's name loudly, then Mickey will become a pilot, but he got surprised by the monkey in his room. Mickey then he said that monkey is not allowed in there, the monkey jumps on the fan and Mickey breaks the fan since the they falling down. Mickey's cloths was stolen from the monkey since its ran to the window and jumps out of the house. Mickey became naked (but there is no censored box on his body since pee wasn't shown) Goofy got happy at monkey and Donald said that to monkey "What took you too long". Goofy called the monkey "Mickey" and it getting in the sailboat. Mickey tells somebody to wait, but they did not listen to him. Mickey calls loudly someone, but they looks at him (than Monkey). Goofy thinks that Mickey is a Monkey (without Mickey noticing). Mickey Monkey asks the question, Minnie, Goofy, and Donald was happy to see Mickey Monkey, but Goofy and Donald clapped their hands. Mickey was upset and he ran on the grass, but the turtle bites his tale. The turtle throws him out over the sailboat, and spiderweb. Goofy thinks Mickey is a monkey again that he takes a nap in his hammock, and Mickey Monkey said that he was cute, Goofy said that he was cute. Mickey got stuck on the spiderweb, the spider puts a salt on his toe, and he scream. Mickey Monkey do the one from Mickey Mouse Steamboat Wille Song, or Mickey Mouse comes over them. The monkey turns the sailboat around as yellow water towards Mickey and the log (since before, but it was a big waste as Tsunami as earthquake) Mickey got slimmed and sucked by the worm. Goofy thinks again Mickey started dancing, but mickey got sucked. The monkey pinches Minnie's fur on her back head to eat it (without her scared). Goofy and Donald was happy again and claps as before. Minnie thinks the monkey considerate and kisses him. During Mickey's anger, his eyes was on fire and pulls the worm out of himself as he rap off. He ran on jungle leaves and goes to the sailboat, but Goofy thinks Mickey is a monkey even again as Mickey has his anger. Minnie and the monkey looks at Mickey's anger, but he said in an angry voice "YOU!!!", but Goofy thought it was him. Mickey said is not Goofy, and its monkey, Minnie says "LOOK OUT!!" and Goofy or Donald hold his tale when he runs. Minnie ducks when Mickey runs to hit Monkey and gets his clothes back when belonging to him. The monkey ran out of the sailboat when he jumps to jungle leafs. Mickey got asked when somebody said that to him, but he is okay. When the sailboat goes to waterfall, its fall down into a water. Goofy, Minnie, and Donald are turned into a monster called "Crocodile" or "Alligator" since Mickey wasn't scared of them or startled. Mickey started whistling since episode ends.


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  • This episode celebrates Mickey's birthday of his first appearance in the short film "Steamboat Willie" on November 18, 1928. As a commemoration to the short, the episode features a brief homage to Mickey's sailor scene with "Sailboat Bill" being played by Minnie, Goofy, and Donald.
  • This is the first time Minnie lipstick mark was shown, unlike some other episodes.
  • The boat used bears a striking resemblance to the boats from Jungle Cruise.