Mickey's Magic Bottle is Volume 6 of the Mickey's Young Readers Library. It is an adaptation of the fairy tale The Three Wishes. Despite Mickey Mouse having his name in the title, the story focuses on Donald Duck and Goofy.


Donald and Goofy pay Mickey a visit while he is watching his grandfather's house, and he asks them to look over a bottle he found while he goes out to buy some groceries. Mickey explains to them to that the bottle contains a genie who will grant three wishes for him, though he hasn't yet decided on his wishes. After Mickey leaves, Donald rubs the bottle, but the genie says that he will grant one wish each for him and Goofy, and they'll have to share the last wish.

While Donald tries to decide what he should wish for, Goofy goes looking for something to eat and, without thinking, accidentally wishes they had a turkey dinner right now. When Donald sees that Goofy wasted his wish, he gets so mad that he wishes the turkey drumstick would get stuck to Goofy's nose, which it promptly does. They can't get it loose, and Donald doesn't want to use up their last wish getting it off. He tries to ask the genie to take back the first two wishes and let them try again, but he denies that request, so Donald and Goofy have no choice but to wish the drumstick off of Goofy's nose. While Goofy is glad to have his nose back to normal, Donald is unhappy that he didn't get to make any of the wishes he wanted and, when Mickey returns, he gives the bottle back to him, saying he never wants to see it again.