Mickey and the "Mickey's Fun Songs" logo

"Let's Go (Mickey's Fun Songs Theme)" is the theme song of the video series.

Song Lyrics


Mickey's Fun Songs time is here

We're ready for some fun

Mickey and Kids: Ya-hoo!


We never know what might appear

Come and join us, everyone

Minnie: That's you.


We always bring fun songs to sing

We're a trav'ling music show

We can laugh and play and smile all day

Let's be on our way

Kids: Let's go!


An adventure's really good for you

That's been our belief

Thrills and spills will fill the bill

And so and so and so

Kids: Good grief, let's go!


The time for fun is now

Get your body in the act

Kids: Hooray!


You'll have a real good time

Girls: And how!


You'll be happy, that's a fact

Goofy and Boys: You'll see!


You'll take a chance

Kids: Come on, let's dance!


As the music goes

Big or small, we'll have the ball

So join us in a cheer

Mickey's Fun Songs time is here!

Goofy: (laughs) Whoa!

(In Campout at Walt Disney World:)
Mickey: (laughs) Oh boy! We're going camping! Let's go!

(In Let's Go To The Circus:)
Mickey: (laughs) Hiya. Today, we're going to the circus. Let's go!

(From Beach Party at Walt Disney World:)
Mickey: (laughs) Hey, kids. We're having a beach party today. Come on!


  • The same kids such as Christian Buenaventura, Tiffany Burton, Toby Ganger and Shira Roth who are from the Kidsongs videos appear in Campout at Walt Disney World.