Mickey's Birthday Surprise is Volume 1 of the Mickey's Young Readers Library. It is an adaptation of Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale The Nightingale.


While getting his house ready for his birthday party, Mickey receives a present from Grandma Duck. It is a mechanical toy kitten that can dance, which initially startles his real kitten, Molly. Donald, Huey, Dewey, Louie, Daisy, Minnie, and Goofy show up for Mickey's party and are all interested in watching the toy kitten dance. Molly tries to get everyone's attention, and when even Pluto goes to watch the toy kitten, she decides to run away. Pluto soon notices Molly is missing and goes into the backyard to look for her, eventually finding that she's gotten stuck in a tree. Pluto alerts this to Mickey, and upon seeing Molly stuck in the tree, Mickey gets his ladder and gets her down, and then treats her and Pluto to some leftover pieces of his birthday cake, telling Molly that no toy kitten is as special as she is.