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"Mickey's Big Surprise" is the second season finale of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, which originally aired on Playhouse Disney on February 20, 2010.


Mickey surprises his friends with a fireworks display after they solve a series of five "fun puzzles."

Characters Present


  • A bag of flour
  • A pogo stick
  • Toy tweezers
  • A monkey (the mouske-thinkaboutit-tool).


  • This episode was first released exclusively on the Playhouse Disney website in February 2009, a year before its official broadcast.
  • This is the first episode to have a mouseke-think-about-it-tool.

End Credits

  • Recapping how Donald hopped on the numbered stones by tens.


  • Mickey: (Singing) A-fizzle, a-fuzzles. It's fun to slove my puzzles. A-fizzle, a-fuzzles. Let's go!

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