Mickey's Big Show is the 1958 Disneyland Records/Official Mickey Mouse Records album adaptation of the classic Mickey Mouse cartoon, Orphan's Benefit.


  • Released in 1958. Executive Producer/Liner Notes: Jimmy Johnson. Producer for Disneyland Records: Camarata. Music: Frank Churchill. Running Time: 7 minutes.
  • Also issued on these albums: Musical Highlights from the Mickey Mouse Club (Official Mickey Mouse Club MM-12 / Disneyland DQ-1227); Mickey Mouse and His Friends (Disneyland DQ-1321); Mickey and the Beanstalk (Disneyland Storyteller ST-3974); The Mouse Factory Presents Mickey and His Friends (Disneyland DQ-1342); Mickey Mouse—This is My Life (ST-3805).
  • Voices: Walt Disney (Mickey Mouse); Clarence Nash (Donald Duck); Florence Gill (Clara Cluck).